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Hey guys,

You can now stream and download our complete music catalog plus fresh new contents for a small annual fee of 10$ per year (0,83$ / month).

Not only that you will have access to our complete current discography but you will be able to download some exclusive new music contents (Live versions, acoustic versions, unreleased tracks (B-Sides) & more). We're also working on our new full length album who should come out in May 2018.That's right!! We are pushing our boundaries on this one! & yes you will hear it first! We will make new songs from this upcoming release available to the Bandcamp Punchline 13's subscribers, starting February 2018.

This new subscription service is game changer for us!

Thank you so much for your support!!


Sly, Hugo, Yan & Dave


What you get:

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Montreal, Québec
PUNCHLINE 13 is a high energy Power Pop Punk Rawk band from Montreal, Canada.

Sly Rawk: Vocals
Jason Caballero: Rythm guitar
Nik Marti: Lead guitar
Dave Marti: Bass
Simon Dunlavey: Drums

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